About A Guerrilla

Red Guerrilla is a small, focused digital agency and web design studio based in York, North Yorkshire, UK.

Hi, how are you doing? I'm Rob Kendal and I started Red Guerrilla in 2012 as a formal route to creative freedom and to enable a freelance career to blossom.

I'm uber passionate about creating bold, beautiful websites that emphasise simplicity, usability and push the proverbial, creative envelope. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery are my weapons of choice in the web battlefield.

A Web Samurai Is Born

I started out in IT infrastructure managing emergency control room support and equipment for the TENYAS Ambulance Service (now known as Yorkshire Ambulance Service). Later, I was tasked with creating their website and as soon as those first DreamWeaver pages hit the server a web samurai was born!

Since then I've worked with some amazing people on exciting projects such as emergency doctors logging applications, huge ecommerce websites and small, creative content managed sites.

I absolutely, 100% love doing what I do. I have watched the web grow from its humble beginnings into the tsunami of information and media sharing that it is today and I'm honoured to be a part of the community that pushes the web forward. I'm constantly developing my knowledge and adding skills to my trick bag.

I make websites. I share tips, tricks and knowledge and add to the web community. If you would like to work together then hit that contact page and drop me a line!

Rob Kendal in headshot form